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  Select ONE of the topics below about Siddhartha and write an essay response. You may use and refer to your book, Siddhartha

Avoid merely giving a plot summary. Responses should be five (5) or more paragraphs in length. [100 points] 

C. Discuss the cyclic nature of life and experiences in Siddhartha

  Your essay should be approximately 1500 – 2000 words in length and adhere to the Modern Language Association (MLA) essay format. Use the 12 point Times New Roman font throughout. See The Bedford Researcher for information on MLA essay format and requirements. Use the MLA practice template to help you format your sources on your essay’s Works Cited page. MLA’s own website also has guidance on working with the MLA practice template and on adhering to MLA style. Incorporate at least five items borrowed from at least three secondary sources and then document your sources according to MLA requirements. This means that your paper will have at least five parenthetical in‑text citations as well as a concluding page titled “Works Cited” where the required bibliographic information about your sources is presented in the format MLA wants. Examples of appropriate secondary sources to borrow from include magazines, journals, newspapers, databases, books, films, government publications, and encyclopedias. Again, avoid open sources like Wikipedia.

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