Week 2 assignment – chapter 2 homework | MAT543 | Strayer University

Chapter 2: Exercises 2-1 through 2-5 on page 48 of the text. 

Use The Tables and Charts it asks you to use to complete the questions.

I have uploaded the textbook to help answer these questions.

Please answer all parts of the questions.

 2-1 Your organization collects data on individual patients shown in Appendix Table 2. 

         Identify whether each variable is measured nominally, ordinally, or as an interval/ratio variable. 

 2-2 What statistical measures would you use to summarize the variable for age? 

         What about for gender? 

         For convenience satisfaction? How would you present these graphically? 

2-3 If you are interested in whether satisfaction scoring differed by the amount the individual paid as 

        a co-pay, how would you state this inquiry as testable hypotheses (the null and alternative)? 

        What statistical test would you run to test this hypothesis? 

2-4 Perform the test defined in Table 2-3. 

         State your conclusions. 

2-5 Compare gender and having Rx coverage. 

         State your hypotheses. 

         Perform the appropriate statistical test and interpret. 

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