Verbal and nonverbal communication | Applied Sciences homework help


  1. Provide the name of the movie, television series, or streaming series you chose, including a summary of the content, and explain why you selected it.
  2. What are your impressions of the environments (include graphic elements)?
  3. Pay attention to the relationships and communication occurring in the movie. How are people greeting each other? How are people interacting? Do you think you can tell the relationships of the people based on their verbal and nonverbal behaviors? Why or why not?
  4. What are the cultural verbal cues that you notice in the movie?
  5. What are the cultural nonverbal cues that you notice in the movie?
  6. Describe two of the characters’ use of language including word arrangement, word choice, and intended meaning.
  7. Summarize how your content choice provided sufficient detail allowing you to describe the roles of verbal and nonverbal elements in communication and how the two forms of communication work in conjunction.
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