Public relation | public relation


For this assignment, you are to assume that you are a PR consultant attempting to persuade the American public that other than for absentee ballots, voting by mail should be prohibited. You do not have to agree with a position to develop a campaign for it

1) Introduce the topic and select three specific audiences including a mix of negative and positive audiences.

2) Research the three diverse specific target audiences–publics. Be sure to document this information using the correct APA format.

3) List specific methods for getting additional research on these audiences.

4) Write two arguments to persuade each group to your point of view. In other words for three audiences, you should have six excellent arguments.

5) Discuss the overall relationship among the audiences and explain how this would impact a persuasive approach to achieving your goal.

The research for this paper should come from EBSCO

Write the questions out and then respond to them one at a time. This paper should 4-5 pages, double spaced. See the writing guidelines for the correct way to use the APA format.  

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