Activity 7 | English homework help

Please complete the following being mindful to … address all questions, include minimum word counts, and quality of writing. 

1. (75 word minimum) Think of the role models you know who are at least 65 years old. What personality traits do you appreciate in these older people? How can you ensure that you will have some of these traits when you are older? Do you think one can develop these traits? Why or why not?

2. (75 word minimum) Brainstorm 10 things you want to learn before you die. The list needs to include new learning—you may say travel and that is fine, but what do you intend to learn in your travels? New learning is the most important (e.g., a new sport, dance, language, learning to play an instrument, any skill, etc.). Discuss why new learning is important.

3. (50 word minimum) Generally speaking, the level of cognition declines as one gets older. How can you ensure that this decline will be minimal? List five things that you can personally do to improve your cognitive level.

4. (100 word minimum) Discuss depression in older adults. What are some of the reasons that older people become depressed? (Include life events and changes that tend to occur.) What is the prognosis for individuals with clinical depression? How can you (in your own profession) help?

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