Soc 111 class reply to forums

Social Change:  Please choose one of the following questions: 

1.  The reading discusses the efforts to revitalize city areas that have historically been less affluent, the process of gentrification.  What are the potential effects of gentrification on the economy and current residents of the neighborhood? NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) protests occur when concerned citizens band together to speak up against something that will impact them negatively. Who is more likely to be involved in NIMBY protests and where do they occur?  Give an example of a NIMBY protest and whether you support it or not.

2.  Consider what you have learned about collective behavior, social movements, and social change this week. How is the global expansion of social media likely to affect how people pursue social change? How has it done so already? Use specific examples as you analyze social movements, social change, technology, and the media.

The Week 8 Forum meets the following course objectives:

  • Apply a sociological perspective to the social world.
  • Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.
  • Explain collective behavior, social movements, and social change.reply 100 words to student reed:


Just an afterthought. If you are familiar with TED talks I would suggest listening to one. I thought it was very insightful and interesting. Tristan Harris talks about manipulation and how large internet companies, he used to work for google, are more interested in grabbing and keeping our attention than they are in solving problems or making anything better. It’s all about the $. (Harris, 2017) I listened to it via NPR so there is a link for the TED talk as well. 17 minutes well worth your attention IMHO.


Harris, T. (2017). Manipulation, Do Our Devices Control More Than We Think? (G. Raz, Interviewer) TED Radio Hour on NPR.

Reply 100 words to student veronica: 

Its absolutely insane just how much social media plays such a massive platform in how we receive information. I have to agree when you stated that social media has such a high acceptance among the people. Its very uncommon to hear of someone not having some kind of profile on social media. Its a way we communicate across the world now days and if there is stance someone wants to take, the first place they take it is to social media to gain support and momentum! 

Thank you for your post this week! 


Reply 100 words to reed:  

Ditto, I really get a lot more from a class when there are active participants such as yourself with something intelligent to offer. Unfortunately this has been harder for me to find lately. But all of those folks will be certified smart and have their credentials! Lol

Gentrification is a plan that gets mixed reviews, I’ll agree. From an administrative or government standpoint I’m sure it looks great on paper or as they say in the army ‘it briefs well’. When it’s put into practical application however there seems to be previously unrealized variables that spring up to muddy up the waters. Social integration sounds like a great plan and seems like it would be better for everyone involved. Lower crime rates, better education and access to services that the upper and middle class seem to take for granted. The downside is that there are of course going to be those original inhabitants of an area that are forced to relocate due to an increased cost of living. Quite the social conundrum, which I for one am glad that I don’t have to solve.

James I sincerely wish you the best in your future, perhaps we’ll cross paths again digitally or physically. If you ever venture North look me up, there’s only one Vukelic in Palmer, AK that’s me.

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