Explain in detail the potential results or outcomes for you the it

Please write a position paper (with the following format: Arial, 11 point size, 1.5 line spacing, and 500 – 600 words minimum) to analyze ONE of the following scenarios. In your paper, take a position on how you would correctly handle the scenario you chose, specifically, please address the following:

Identify and explain in detail what the ethical issue is presented in the scenario you selected.

Explain in detail the potential results or outcomes for you the IT professional and for the person in question if the ethical issues are not addressed?

What are the correct options or solutions that you should address or provide to properly rectify the scenario?


Please submit the assignment on or before the due date.

Case 1: You are an intern at a major corporation. Your primary job is to maintain high ranking administrators’ computers including cleaning and removing viruses, cleaning up files using company provided tools, and defragmenting disks. During your maintenance you have noticed that the Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) computer contains some pornographic images and movies. You also know that the Chief Operating Officer is a close friend of your immediate supervisor who also reports to the COO. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 2: You work as a part-time network administrator to create and maintain user accounts. One of your colleagues constantly asks you to cover his shift so he can leave early by not only offering you the additional hours you’re covering for him, but a couple extra hours for being a team player.  What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 3: You work as a full-time programmer in a small software development company. Your friends at a nearby corporation always invite you for lunches or happy hours with them. You want to maintain friendship with them so they may give you information on job openings at their firm. Your company offers a half-hour lunch time and most happy hours begin at 4:00 pm while your working hours end at 5:00 pm. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 4: You are a full-time information security analyst. The Anonymous group contacted you and is offering you $1,000 in bit coins every week to send daily security log files to them that have information embedded in the logs that you don’t think is important to anybody. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 5: You work in a data center as a backup and restore specialist. The company you work for is under investigation and certain backup files and logs are needed to facilitate this investigation.  You are requested by a manager two levels above you, who is under investigation, to say those files were corrupt and unavailable and they have indicated they would make it worth your while to do so. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 6: You work as a technician at a major record company. Your friends ask you to occasionally download songs that you have access to via the record company onto a USB thumb drive and send them to them when you get home. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 7: You work in a school as a computer technician. You are also enrolled in the same school as a student. You get a new job in the IT department for a different company and you quit your current job at your school. When you are in class you noticed that your previous supervisor at the school didn’t change the administrator password and the computer class’ desktop computers are missing an application that should have been installed. What is your course of action in this scenario?


Case 8: You work at a company as a computer technician. You notice that some of the computer hardware inventory including monitors, RAM, storage drives, projectors, etc., are missing or contain unexpected items. In particular, you notice that instead of having eight 8GB memory modules in your inventory, you have eight 4GB memory modules.  You also notice that instead of two Intel Xeon processors, you have three AMD processors.  You suspect that your immediate supervisor has modified the inventory and descriptions of some of the items in the database. What is your course of action in this scenario?

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