Workplace | Marketing homework help


Chapter Three

Complete parts one to three below:

Part one:  

1. Why is privilege called an invisible obstacle?

2. If a person has racial privilege, gender privilege, religious privilege, socioeconomic privilege, ability privilege and sexual orientation privilege what advantages (if any) does this person have over others without those privileges?    

3. Define meritocracy.

4. What is the connection between privilege and meritocracy?

5. How can entitlement and institutional isms negatively impact workplace diversity and inclusion?      

Part two:           Go to page 54/55 and read “What’s the matter with quotas?” and answer the last two questions at the end of the reading.

Part three

1. Read the information found at: 

  1. Now      explain the following: how cultural identity and misinformation could      negatively impact the workplace.
  2. Based      upon your last name, also explain the misinformation regarding the      following topic that was addressed in the module:

Last Name: Topic:

A-F Language

G-L Poverty

M-R Spirituality & Religion

S-Z Sexual Orientation

part four

Go to:

and watch the video. In two paragraphs, explain the facts given how occupational segregation impact women

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