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Your submission must include:

  • An SQL script file containing appropriate SQL DDL (e.g.,      CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, etc.) statements for creating all the relations      from Part 1 (A). 16 marks
  • The output from running the script file in a live Oracle 11g/12c session (e.g., using SPOOL, copy      and paste, screenshots, etc.). 4 marks
  • You should use relational features      from the SQL92 standard in Oracle 11g/12c      for constructing your data structures / tables, including appropriate      primary and foreign keys.
  • You should aim for a high degree of reliability in the      data with use of as many constraints as possible, e.g., check constraints      on various columns (e.g., particular format of primary key values,      positive physical values as described in week 4 lecture slides on      integrity constraints).
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