Anthropology essay final | American history homework help

Hi, in this essay requirement I have organized the requirements into a word doc names Outline Revised Comments. Please see it before writing the 4-page essay and 1-page cover letter which I have a simple template you just need to insert a few sentences into the cover letter and that’s it! 

The first doc names Outline Revise Comments is my concluded paper structures of paper 3 please read! others are all assigned readings, I attached all of them, help yourself to use them writing the essay! I have attached the myth1 (paper 1), paper 2 and cover letter template and grading rubric and citation guide. please check!

ALSO, Because this is the final version of my paper I might ask you to revise and combine all my previous papers, it is my paper 1 and 2. I want you to finish writing the paper 3 (this one) and combine the paper 1 and 2 together into one big essay and just have 1 cover page in the beginning, the order is 1. cover letter 2. paper one, 3 paper two, 4 paper three. And I need you to use TRACK CHANGE while you editing any parts of the former two essays, either you add some transitions or connections words or sentences. You need to turn on the track change before editing the former two essays with the final big paper. 

so you will finish the paper 3, then add a cover letter and paper 1&2 into a big paper, then use the track change to editing the logic and transition of those three different papers, they should look like a big one essay with clear sentences structure and clear logics. 

Also please read my requirements before writing the essay 3, NO outside resources needed!!! Read my instructions and assigned readings to write the paper 3!!!


· All the 4 pages paper should follow my instructions and only use my assigned reading only. DON’T USE ANY OUTSIDE RESOURCES.

· And make sure to write clear topic sentences and clear arguments and myths before you write the body paragraphs.

·  Use clear paper structures! Myth… argument….. topic sentences in every paragraph….different ideas should have different body paragraphs with different topic sentences (here I gave four main body ideas, of course, each of the body paragraphs can have different sub idea but they must be the hierarchy and have attached with each other) 

·  YOU CAN USE MANY CITATIONS to prove your body paragraphs, as long as you paraphrasing it and cite them either at the end of sentences or in the reference part. You can use the (author name, year, page number) for the end sentence references. But use APA 6th style citation in the endpaper reference part. It is GOOD TO USE 4-5 RESOUCES in every body paraphrase. 

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