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 Essay Questions 

Minimum 1 page each (3-4 paragraphs) each Question


1) What is the OSI model and why was it created? As part of your answer, discuss what one layer does.

2)  What are protocols and what are they used for? Give at least three examples of protocols in use today and what they are used for?

3) Explain what a router is and why they are targets for attackers. 

4) What is anomaly detection? What are two advantages and two disadvantages of anomaly detection? 

5) What is a digital signature? Why is it an important security tool?

6) List and describe three ways hackers alter a packet header

7) Explain how a network-based IDPS works (include at least one strength and one weakness) .

Explain how a host-based IDPS works (include at least one strength and one weakness).

8) List and discuss three ways wireless networks are attacked.

9) Describe five responses to an attack.

10) We have discussed several types and styles of IDPS’s this semester? What is the best IDPS? Explain why?

11) What is Hybrid IDPS? What is one of its advantages and one of its disadvantages?

12) Cryptography helps achieve several critical goals of information security. Discuss at least three of them.

13) List and describe at least four fields in an IP header.

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