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  1. Were you surprised at the current size of the human population or at its changes since your year of birth? I was not shocked about the change in number of births since my birth year or the human population. In one of my past classes we talked about how high the number is getting and the effects of the number increasing over time. I feel like since the pandemic, the numbers should drop some. I know they will not drop enough to change the long term effects of the population, but I feel like the pandemic did wipe out a small portion of the population. 
  2. How many people do you believe the Earth can support without dire environmental damage? Based on the article, “How many people can our planet really support” by bbc, no one knows the exact amount of people the Earth can support without dire environmental damage. Highly populated cities are already facing some challenges of air pollution. I believe the earth is slowly facing dire environmental change because of global warming and toxic waste dumping. 
  3. Should developed countries help slow the population growth of developing countries? If so, what sorts of methods should be employed to do this? I do not think developed countries should slow the population growth. If they were to attempt this, they would be taking away freedom rights from many people. The countries would receive negative feedback. There is no way to fix the population growth on a short term scale. It would take years and years to fix this issue. The thing countries could fix sooner is the environmental issues, such as global warming, toxic waste etc. I feel like fixing those issues would create a healthier environment and be a shorter term solution than fixing the whole population. 

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