1100 words- racial bias in health care software due in 10 hrs


This week you will go into the news/media and find information on a Hot Topic related to healthcare policy. Consider smaller health related issues that may not get top billing or the front page. I have already selected the topic and the news article it is provided in the link below. 


In 100 words summarize the topic and state  what is generally known and reported about this topic both by the 1) media and 2) factual information. 

1. 200 words- Clearly define the topic that you have selected and at least two places where you found information about it (including the link above).

2. 200 words- What are some present policies at the governmental and healthcare level that are in place, or not in place for this topic? 

3. 200 words- What are some of the processes that are taking place to change or develop this issue/policy or legislation? 

4. 200 words- Who are the experts that are speaking out or addressing this issue? There credentials and positions must be stated. 

5. 200 words- What is your position on this topic now that you have read and researched it? Provide example and rational to defend your answer.

6. 200. Research one other evidence-based topic similar to the one you have selected, summarize the article, state how it relates to health policy and health equity for underserved population? 

Use APA formatting for citations and references. use the attached text book and 4 other evidence-based articles. 

Use your own words, NO cut and paste. Direct quotes should NOT be longer than 40 words.

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