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Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials

There is many misconceptions about the Salem Witch Trials that took place outside of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. Some think that there really were witches’ in Salem; still, others think that women were burned at the stake. In reality nineteen men and women were hanged but many more were imprisoned including small children (Calson 324). the most tragic aspect of the salem witch trials is that it represents a failure of a justice system, and Those who were accused were automatically assumed to be guilty. Therefore those who were tried were never given a fair trial. 

The events begin when a few young girls became ill, and members of the community began to blame the Devil. From there outsiders in the community were accused of being witches and associating with the devil. The accusations spread from there. A few months later even the governors wife would be accused of being a witch. Although many theories exist as to why these events took place and why an apparent terror was able to spread through the Salem community. The most likely explanation for the Salem witch trials is that many factors was present, creating a perfect storm of hysteria. Religion money and ergot poisoning were most likely to blame for these tragic events.

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