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2.  Multicultural Interview Paper 

Students may begin this assignment by selecting an individual from a culture differing from their own. This may be any culture or subgroup covered in the course content, such as adolescents, elderly adults, and persons with disabilities. Students are not limited to these groups. Students will create a series of interview questions focused on issues and concerns pertinent to the culture or subgroup. Interview questions are to be specific and designed to help the student learn more about the culture or subgroup as it relates to Addictions & course studies. Students may use their text book and other course resources as guidelines for developing questions. Students should develop a minimum of eight-10 interview questions. Students must submit interview questions to the course instructor and receive approval of the questions before proceeding with the assignment. 

Students will then use these approved questions during the interview with the consenting individual and write a two page summarization of the questions with the answers received by the individual.  The paper must be in question/answer format. 

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