Socs 185n week 2 assignment 1 sociological imagination & socialization

 Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 Lesson: Week 1, 2 Instructions Choose one question from each of the question sets below (2 sets total). In other words, you will be answering two questions total (1 from each set). Question Set 1 Arty Fischel is a veteran and just found himself homeless. Examine and explain some of the broad social forces that may have contributed to his homelessness. How will the sociological imagination help understand his situation? Arty Fischel is a college student. He was a good student in high school and received a sizable scholarship to go to college. That scholarship, however, does not cover all of Arty’s expenses. Arty now must take out a sizeable loan each year of college for his school expenses. Is this only a personal problem for Arty? Apply the sociological imagination and explain some possible broad social forces that could be contributing to Arty’s struggles. Little Arty Fischel is a child in an urban school in a major city in the United States. He is struggling to learn to read and is failing all his classes. Apply the sociological imagination and explain some possible broad social forces that could be contributing to Arty’s struggles. Question Set 2 What are key differences between ways structural functional theorists, social-conflict theorists, and symbolic-Interactionist theorists examine and explain society? Explain the importance of the concepts of culture shock, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism, and give an example of each. What are the two main stages of socialization and why is the process of socialization important in each stage of the entire life course? Writing Requirements (APA format) Length: 1-2 pages (not including References page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Running header in the upper left of all pages Page number in the upper right of all pages Parenthetical in-text citations included and formatted in APA style References page (at the very least the textbook and/or online lessons should be cited) Grading This activity will be graded based on the Essay Grading Rubric 

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