Latin ac – perfect passive system

Question 1: Match the forms of “rego, regere, rexi, rectus – to rule” with the proper English translation

– rectus erat

– rectae sunt

– recta est

– recta sum

– rectum erit

– recti eratis

– recta ero

– rectus eras

– rectae sumus

– recti erunt

A. they were ruled

B. I will have been ruled

C. he had been ruled

D. it will have been ruled

E. they will have been ruled

F. you had been ruled

G. you (pl) had been ruled

H. I have been ruled

I. she has been ruled

J. we were ruled

Question 2: Match the active forms with their corresponding passive forms for the verb “rapio, rapere, rapui, raptus – to steal.” Give all participles in masculine form.

– rapui

– raptus est

– rapueram

– rapueritis

– rapti erunt

– rapuerunt

– rapti eratis

– rapueras

– rapuistis

– rapuimus

A. rapti sumus

B. rapueratis

C. raptus eram

D. rapti eritis

E. raptus sum

F. rapti estis

G. raptus eras

H. rapti sunt

I. rapuit

J. rapuerint

Question 3:  Give the Latin for “he has been heard.” 

Question 4:  Give the Latin for “she will have been heard.”

Question 5:   Give the Latin for “you had been heard.”

Question 6:  Give the Latin for “we were heard.”

Question 7:   Give the Latin for “they have been heard.” 

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