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Venue & Contractor Assignment


Use this document to complete the assignment: Venue Selection Worksheet.docx ATTACHED

Congrats! Your family heard you’re taking an events management course and they’ve asked you to help plan your favorite uncle’s retirement party.   It’s a bummer that nobody in your family has a huge backyard or owns a restaurant or catering business. You’ll have to hire out for everything.

Here are the details:

· 150 guests

· Anywhere in the USA – you may use sample proposals provided or seek other opportunities in your hometown if you wish

· Space for any other entertainment that your guests will love

· Loving toast / roast for your beloved uncle

Sample Proposals: Wedding Venues + Packages.zip ATTACHED


Narrow your list down to three [2] viable venues.  List them here:

· Example: Name; City; website link

· Venue Option #1:

· Venue Option #2:

1. For both venues, what is included in the package / what will you need to outsource? [2 pts]

2. For both venues, what is the known estimated cost for all of the items listed above? If you’re allowed to bring in outside vendors, include an estimate from an outside provider. [10 pts]

3. What threats or potential issues do you see with either venue? [there is always at least one!] [2 pts]

4. Will your vision for entertainment and decorations work in one space better than the other? [5 pts]

5. Which venue will you select and why? [It doesn’t have to be the cheaper option.] [6 pts]


Criteria Ratings Pts

– This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome What is included with package? [2 pts]

– This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Estimated Costs. [10 pts]

– This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Threats. [2 pts]

– This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Entertainment & Decor assessment. [5 pts]

– This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Selection & Reason. [6 pts]

Total Points: 25.0

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