Discussion question 8 | Social Science homework help

1. Pick TWO of the following and describe how radiometric dating has been utilized to determine their age: 





e.Early man 

f.Historic relics (i.e., Dead Sea Scrolls, Shroud of Turin) 

g.Volcanic eruptions  

2.Identify one element used to date rocks and minerals. How long is its half-life? 

3.How can radioactivity be measured? 

4.Rocks, minerals, and even food we eat can contain radioactive material. Why doesn’t this radioactive material comprise a threat to humans? 

5.What is an alternative method to radiometric dating? What are the strengths and weaknesses to this type of dating process?  

Be sure to review the Discussion Board Course Rubrics.  

For help with citations, refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide.  

Use this reference when referring to your text:  

Trefil, J., & Hazen, R.M. (2016). The sciences: An integrated approach. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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