Book assignment | Economics homework help


Need 3 pages for Sam Walton Book. And Two copies of 3 page each for Elton Mask Book.  Total 9 pages.

I attached the book. I need someone to answered the below questions. Due in 2 days. 

 Then the content should be written in combination with the content of microeconomics. Find two or three details to analyze

When introducing the full text, you only need to write a summary of the story you analyzed
Must contact microeconomics and analyze from the perspective of microeconomics

 Each section must be numbered. 

1. A brief summary of the book. (10pts) 

2. What do you think the entrepreneur did wrong? (10pts) 3. What did the entrepreneur do right? (10pts) 

4. How would you have done things if you were in their position? (No matter how much they achieved, I am sure there is something you would have done differently.) Do NOT use the same things as in question 2. (10Pts)

 5. What economic principles (things you learned in this course) were used in this business? Use examples from the book. (Not a list!) (30 points) 

6. What did you get out of this book. (10pts) 

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