Creation of a brand | Management homework help


Creation of a Brand: Written Answers per Rubric, and Class Presentation of Pitch Deck ( Students will work in pairs–2 students per team.)

Weighting: 40% of total grade for the class. In this assignment,  Rubric Answers = 80%; Pitch Deck = 20% of assignment grade.

NOTE: word counts are suggestions not to exceed.

Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: CLO 1, 2, 3

  1. To understand conceptual issues relating to (the theory of) creating, managing, and sustaining a Brand
  2. To critically analyze and evaluate Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, and Brand Strategy
  3. To address brand in a global context

Description of Assignment:

Each student team of two will be required to create a new brand: either 1) an original organic skincare brand for the global men’s or women’s cosmetics market, or 2) a new global chain of environmentally friendly quick-food restaurants based on sustainable farming practices. 

For this new brand, students must identify its country/place of origin, product proposition (product attributes and benefits), target audience, brand name, brand differentiation in the category, brand positioning statement, style elements,communications, and recommended advertising tagline. To showcase your work you will create a non-technical Brand Sales Presentation (maximum 12 Powerpoint pages) suitable for using in a Retail Sales Pitch, in the case of the skincare brand, or a Franchise Sales Pitch, in the case of the restaurant brand. The pitches must be compelling, persuasive, and creatively motivating.

Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?):

Demonstration of understanding of the content provided within the BRAND BASIC series of lectures (BBL1, BBL2, BBL3, BBL4, BBL5, BBL6 and BBL7). The ability to transpose this knowledge into your own explanations and creations. The degree of originality in your brand creation. Successful team collaboration will be evaluated.

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