All of the following are guidelines for making your writing more


Question 1 of 20

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All of the following are guidelines for making your writing more engaging except

A. use different ways to join ideas.

B. use a mix of short and long sentences.

C. avoid using commands, questions, or exclamation.

D. vary the beginnings of sentences.

Question 2 of 20

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We read, “Sally hates spiders, my friend collects spiders.” Which kind of error are we seeing here?

A. Fragments joined by a comma

B. A run-on

C. A comma splice

D. Unnecessary punctuation

Question 3 of 20

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Basic ways to define a word or term include all of the following except definition by

A. synonym.

B. class.

C. research.

D. negation.

Question 4 of 20

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In a definition by _______, the author of paragraph tells us what is not true before he or she tells us what is true.

A. class

B. category

C. negation

D. explanation

Question 5 of 20

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The two kinds of _______ paragraphs explained in your textbook are the how-to paragraph and the explanation paragraph.

A. process

B. revision

C. coherent

D. structure

Question 6 of 20

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Which word is a synonym for “timid”?

A. Shy

B. Outgoing

C. Extroverted

D. Social

Question 7 of 20

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An example of a prepositional phrase is

A. “the dog barked.”

B. “sleeping late.”

C. “the horns blared.”

D. “in the desk.”

Question 8 of 20

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Beginning writers tend to overuse _______, which quickly become monotonous.

A. long sentences

B. complicated sentences

C. short, simple sentences

D. complex sentences

Question 9 of 20

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Transitional expressions used in process paragraphs include all of the following except

A. begin by.

B. above.

C. until.

D. finally.

Question 10 of 20

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A/an _______ modifies a noun, a verb, or another adverb.

A. synonym

B. adverb

C. homonym

D. adjective

Question 11 of 20

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When an author writes a/an _______ question in a paragraph, he or she intends to answer it in the balance of the paragraph.

A. exclamatory

B. emphatic

C. rhetorical

D. exploratory

Question 12 of 20

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A/an _______ is a word or group of words that renames or describes a noun or pronoun, as in the sentence, “Carlos, a native of Argentina, is the new wrestling champion.”

A. compound predicate

B. appositive

C. adverb

D. “-ing” modifier

Question 13 of 20

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These two sentences appear in a paragraph: “Sally loves horses.” “Sally hates cowboy movies.” If you combine these two sentences into one sentence, using the conjunction “yet,” your new sentence will have a

A. compound predicate.

B. compound subject.

C. complex predicate.

D. complex subject.

Question 14 of 20

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The _______ paragraph gives the reader directions on how he or she can do something.

A. explanation

B. plan

C. how-to

D. lecture

Question 15 of 20

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A/an _______ tells us more about a noun or pronoun and must be placed directly before or directly after the noun or pronoun it refers to.

A. adverbial

B. preposition

C. prepositional phrase

D. appositive

Question 16 of 20

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A run-on occurs when two independent clauses are joined by a _______ conjunction.

A. qualifying

B. coordinating

C. elaborating

D. subordinating

Question 17 of 20

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A prepositional phrase is a group of words containing a preposition and

A. its object.

B. a verb.

C. a subject.

D. its predicate.

Question 18 of 20

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Which statement is true?

A. Good writers never use exclamation marks.

B. An imperative sentence is a command.

C. Commands are followed by an exclamation mark.

D. Rhetorical questions are used only in satirical writing.

Question 19 of 20

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_______ paragraphs give readers step-by-step information.

A. Definition

B. Authoritarian

C. Informal

D. Process

Question 20 of 20

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All of the following are true about dangling modifiers except

A. dangling modifiers are essentially indistinguishable from fragments.

B. they aren’t logically related to the word or words they’re supposed to modify.

C. they’re generally the first words of a sentence.

D. dangling modifiers can’t be corrected by moving words around.




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