Mod 1 common selling styles revision #2

Do not create a new paper. Please use the attachment paper and add in the points asked for below in the appropriate places.

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Describe two of the three selling styles. Score = 2. Describe the three selling styles clearly (traditional, market driven, and strategic).  Include outside research for all 3 (traditional, market driven, and strategic), AND use specific examples of all three (traditional, market driven, and strategic).

Recommend a selling style to use for taste testing, sampling, and on-site promotion. Score = 2. You did not recommend a selling style for each of the marketing events (taste testing, sampling, & on-site promotion).  include examples for all 3 (taste testing, sampling, and on-site promotion. ); and add outside research for each (taste testing, sampling, and on-site promotion).

Provides an ethics statement that reflects the company’s expectations. Score = 2. You did provide a partial ethics statement. Add a full ethics statement and you must  include specific examples and outside research.

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Identify how value is added through the sales-customer relationship and shared clear explanations. Score = 1. You did not Identify ways the sales-customer relationship can add value through this new product line. 

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