Stats project chart | stats | California State University, Fullerton

1) Explain how the graphic “Heels for Everyday” is misleading. Type in at least 20 words to fully describe the bias (any misleading features) you can find.

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2) Generate a more correct graphic to display these qualitative data. In Word, click on “Insert”, click on “Chart”, and choose 1 of the following options: “Column”, “Pie” or “Bar”. Make sure you have appropriate axis labels if you had chosen to generate a Pareto Chart or have appropriate color-coded legends if you had chosen to generate a Pie Chart. Treat me like an average person out there trying to understand your graphic.


  • As a registered student, you can use “Office 365” for FREE – just click on “Office 365” on the left side.
  • You will type in your full name and full FC Student ID number at the upper left corner of your paper.
  • You will NOT receive credit for a hand-drawn graph.
  • Your submitted document is to be saved in the following file format: doc, Docx, pdf

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