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Instructions – use only chapter 8 attached



Week 8 Project

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For this week’s project, you will create a test on the content from Ch. 8.  Your test must include the following question types:


·        10 multiple choice


·        5 matching


·        3 short answer


·        2 essay




Your test must cover (at the minimum) the following topics (you can include more topics if you wish):


·        Cold War Era


·        New liberal ideology


·        Role of meritocracy in schooling


·        New liberal concepts of freedom


·        Educational Testing Service


·        James Conant


·        Standardized testing


·        Excellence and equality


·        School reform


·        Comprehensive high school


·        Concern about national security in the 50’s and 60’s


·        The divide between “academically talented” and “vocationalist thinking”


Create your test using Word. Your test must include questions created by you-DO NOT copy any test questions from any other source, including the Internet.  Be sure to check your test for errors, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 


You MUST provide an answer key along with your test. 


For essay questions, you must provide a sample response-do NOT write “answers will vary.”


  When you are finished with your test, submit it to the drop box.  This project is worth 40 points.




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