Book club discussion 1 | Psychology homework help

  Students will write a brief summary (1 paragraph) and at least one discussion question for the assigned reading section and submit on Cougar Courses by no later than 11:59 pm. Sample questions and a detailed grading rubric will be provided on Cougar Courses.

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assignment on  Humes: Pgs. 9 – 105 (Author’s Note, Part One) 

  Book  No Matter How Loud I Shout, Edward Humes

Book Club Discussion Question Rubric


Limited Attempt

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The initial posting is unclear and incomplete, lacks understanding of topic of readings, does not foster further discussion.



The initial posting draws from the weekly readings/supplemental information, indicates an understanding of the main ideas of the readings, and includes students’ perspectives. The follow-up posts encourage a discussion of a slightly more in-depth examination of the readings/themes.



The initial post exhibits evidence of critical thinking makes relevant connections to personal experience, links between prior and current course readings and supplemental information introduces new material or ideas for consideration. The follow-up posts encourage a discussion of an in-depth examination of the reading/themes and foster further questions for consideration.

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