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Lauren Duke, 


In the clinic, a fourteen year old boy is getting examined by a second year medical student for stomach aches. The student notices burns and bruises over the boy and reports back to the attending and later finds out he was caused by abuse from his step father and three years worth of self harm and depression. The student was so focused on finding out where the bruises and burns came from, he forgot to ask about the patients mental state. I feel like the main idea of “The Clinic” is people are so focused on outer appearances and whats on the outside rather than how people feel on the inside. I feel like we live in a society that mainly focuses on ones outer self rather than their mental health. The conflct/tension in the story is that the medical student couldn’t figure out what was wrong, he just seen these marks and got so caught up in the marks, he failed to ask about the mental health of the patient or the history of other hospital visits. As humans, we get so caught up in what society wants us to be and we fail to take care of our mental health, are you caught up in outer appearances rather than your mental health? 

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WC – 215

For the visual text, I chose the trash in the ocean. On the surface of the ocean, we all see a beautiful blue sky with nice subtle waves but then as you look where the boy is “picking up the ocean” you can see all of the trash underneath it that is not normally seen by people yet, were the ones who cause it. The main idea of this picture is also, everything is not what it seems on the outside. People liter and it ends up in our ocean ultimately harming our ocean animals. The tension in this picture is seeing all of the trash under the ocean and knowing that it is humans creating it. The elements in this picture supports the main idea by creating a nice visual of a beautiful ocean and then the boy is looking under and finding all of that trash. The next time you think about littering think to yourself “what animal could I harm next?” or think “would i want someone throwing trash in my home?”  


 Angela Britton,

I chose the writing, The Clinic by Jeff Gremmels, and the visual text, Ocean.

       In The Clinic, a second year med student travels once a week on Wednesdays to see patients at the University Primary Care Clinic. On this particular Wednesday, he was given a chart of a 14 year old boy with complaints of a stomachache. After seeing the boy, and noticing abnormal bruises and burns, the med student is convinced it is more than just a stomachache. He then brings it to the physicians attention for further advice, and is quickly taught a lesson. “A professor teaching our physical diagnosis class told us we should know 80 percent of the cases coming before us by hearing the history alone. This case was quickly proving itself the undesined 20 percent. I moved to the physical exam.” This quote is an example of the rhetorical strategy, process. In every medical case, no matter how big or small, there should always be a process in the way each situation is handled. The med student should have read the chart of the patient handed to him before jumping into the physical exam, where most of his questions and concerns could have been more easily diagnosed.

       In the Ocean visual, you see a picture of a young boy lifting the ocean and seeing a ton of trash/litter underneath. I think the message here is to look at the bigger picture. The Ocean is so beautiful, relaxing, and home to many sea animals/creatures, but we don’t really realize what the pollution is doing on the inside because all we see is the beautiful outside. What can we do as humans on the outside to keep the ocean just as beautiful on the inside?

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